when you care about quality: come to Manufaktur Krone

When it's about quality of spirits or wine the Manufaktur Krone in Wermutshausen (close to Niederstetten) is THE place in the area with it's numerous award wining products. We were awarded best distillery of the state.

We distill about 60 different spirits, including rare berry spirits, whiskys, beer spirits, gins, well basically everything that has a unique flavor.

We produce six kinds of dry wines, from white to dark red of outstanding quality. Our wines compare to high quality international wines and are not the typical semisweet German style.

The pub is open from Pentecost to the end of July on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5:30pm for delicious dinners and fabulous drinks. Only here you can enjoy our home brewed beers, usually we have five differnt kinds of beer, sometimes more.

We are a small two person business and don't have regular opening hours. You are more than welcome to taste our products, shop and have a tour to the distillery and winery. We love to share our passion for quality with you. Please make an appointment so we can plan our day: (+49) 7932 606 153, we speak English.

The prices of our wines start at 8,50 per 0,7l bottle (serious discounts on 6-packs), the spirits at 16 per 0,5l bottle, main meals at around 10, just to give an idea.

In 2008 we, Monika and Sven, bought the old village pub Krone (crown) in Wermutshausen and brought it back to life. The house is over 200 years old, but it's only so young, because it, together with the rest of the village burned down in 1800. It used to be a typical local winery with vineyards behind the house. Today the winery is a bit more modern, and the vineyards are situated 3km from the house in Vorbachzimmern. We are not certified organic, but we do grow our grapes and produce the wine accordingly.